GlareOne LED Panel 20 BiColor
GlareOne LED Panel 20 BiColor

GlareOne LED Panel 20 BiColor

SLEDP20BC 5903175621900


Compact, super bright and versatile 20W LED panel featuring adjustable color temperature (2700~6500K), high color accuracy (CRI >95), dual power option (compatible with NP-F batteries) and ease of use. Supplied with barn doors and removable light diffuser. This light is  perfect for a wide variety of photography and video work as well.


GlareOne LED Panel is a continuous light therefore is very easy to use both in studio and on location. Unlike flash, this class of light sources is simple to set-up and easy to meter. No additional external light meter is needed because every modern camera will do the work for you. What you see is what you get.


It’s hard to even list every possible application of LED panels. They can be used to light models' faces when shooting portraits, and shortly after that we may use them to take pictures of goods for ecommerce. Thanks to integrated cold shoe mount there is an option to mount the light directly onto a camera or handycam, and film a scene handheld. In more demanding assignments such as interviews, LED panels can be set-up on a studio stand and used as a main, background or fill light. Possible applications are limited only by our imagination and results we want to achieve.

High color accuracy

GlareOne LED panels consist of a set of state of the art LEDs and are able to deliver high quality light. Color Rendering Index is higher to 95 which makes this light ideal for almost any kind of assignment. Skin tones rendition won't be an issue thanks to properly balanced light spectrum (TLCI>98). 


Two types of LEDs are used to build GlareOne LED panels. By mixing them we have the opportunity to deliver a wide range of different color temperatures at your disposal. Color temperature may be changed between 2700 and 6500K thus you can  easily mix and match the panel with ambient light in different locations. In any given moment GlareOne LED panel can simulate the warm light of a candle or can be immediately matched with daylight shortly after just by a turn of a knob.

Better control

GlareOne LED 20 is equipped with a set of four flaps mounted on the rim of the housing. These barn doors will help you direct the light and reduce light spill on the scene. There is also a removable, white diffusion screen that helps soften the light when needed. 

Dual power

This light can be powered two ways: directly from the wall socket via AC adapter (included), or by one NP-F battery (not included) mounted inside a dedicated slot on the back panel. Dual power option makes GlareOne LED Panel 20 exceptionally versatile not only in terms of powering option itself, but also expands mounting options on a boom stand or in tight spaces. Simply said you can shoot cordless anywhere you want.

Wireless remote control

Panel is equipped with a built-in radio receiver compatible with GlareOne LED RC wireless remote which allows to change power output and color temperature from a distance. This feature will be extremely useful in multi light set-ups, especially when direct access to the control panel is limited. There are 16 radio channels and 10 groups available for separation of particular panels and better control over many light sources.

GlareOne LED Panel 20 BiColor features:

  • Convenient and easy to use LED panel for photo and video
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Bi-color continuous light (2700~6500K)
  • Max power of 20W (equivalent of approx. 200W halogen bulb)
  • High color accuracy (CRI >95, TLCI >98)
  • Dual power supply via AC adapter or NP-F battery (not included) 
  • Stepless dimmer for precise control
  • Can be wirelessly controlled via additional GlareOne LED RC remote
  • Passive cooling for quiet operation
  • Stand mount equipped with 1/4”-20 female thread, cold shoe and tilt adjustment
  • Built-in barn doors for better light control
  • Supplied with AC adapter and white diffusion screen

Technical Specifications


GlareOne LED Panel 20



Color Temperature


Max power (W)


Power adjustment


Dimmer Range


Light Source






Illuminance @0.5m (lx)


Luminance Angle


Barn doors

Yes (included)

Diffusion screens

White (removable)

Compatible Battery


AC Adapter Input


Wireless control


Wireless remote

GlareOne LED RC



Mount Type

Cold shoe

1/4"-20 Female Thread

Size L x W x W (mm)

185 x 158 x 40

Weight (g)


Box includes

Light unit

AC adapter

White diffusion screen